Friday, June 26, 2009

Kenya-Somalia Winds of War

(Nairobi, Kenya) Yesterday, reports surfaced that al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab in Somalia was plotting to blow up a critical bridge in northern Kenya. In response, Kenya placed some military installations on high alert status with all leave time and off days cancelled.

Also, a Kenyan Police Rapid Response Unit has been dispatched to guard the bridge.
All vehicles and passengers are being thoroughly searched. "Our security is on high alert," government spokesman Alfred Mutua said during the weekly briefing in Nairobi on Thursday. [...]

In North Eastern Province, which borders Somalia, security forces were working to thwart possible infiltrations and cross-border movements by Islamist fighters. Most police stations and police posts across the barren frontier had been reinforced, according to police sources.
With a waiver of the UN arms embargo, military arms are flowing to the government of Somalia, led by embattled President Sheikh Sharrif who Osama bin Laden calls an enemy. Reportedly, arms and ammunition are being supplied through and from nearby African countries with costs being reimbursed by the U.S.

Meanwhile, 15 Somali MPs have fled to Kenya along with a constant flow of refugees. Approximately 275,000 Somalis are camped in Kenya and the number grows by an estimated 200 daily.

Al-Shabaab controls most of south Somalia and most of the capital of Mogadishu and has instituted particularly barbaric practices of double limb amputations, floggings and executions to enforce its extreme beliefs.

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