Monday, September 28, 2009

Islamist Suspects Detained at Oktoberfest

(Munich, Germany) Heightened security at the Oktoberfest includes bag checks, increased video surveillance, establishment of a temporary no-fly zone over the grounds and hundreds of additional police officers.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Hermann said the increased security is precautionary and not in response to a specific threat which is odd since recent videos released by the Taliban and al-Qaeda have specifically threatened Munich.
The videos threatened Germans with terrorist attacks unless they elected a government on Sunday that would withdraw the nation’s troops from Afghanistan.

Meanwhile Munich police announced on Monday morning that they had arrested two suspected Islamists in connection with the videos. Both suspects allegedly had contact with al Qaida member Bekkay Harrach – who threatened Germany in one of the videos, police said.

The two men, who come from the Middle East, will be held until after the festival ends, they said.
Given that Angela Merkel was re-elected as Chancellor on Sunday, it appears that the preconditions for a terrorist attack have been met.

Note that an estimated 6 million beer-lovers are expected to attend the festival. Since the terrorists want to kill as many people as possible, don't be surprised if an ugly situation develops in Munich between now and Sunday (10/4) when the Oktoberfest ends.

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