Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WTF Swapped for TFW

(Milwaukee, Wisconsin) The Wisconsin Tourist Federation, a coalition of trade groups charged with the responsibility of boosting tourism to the state, has decided to change its name and corporate logo.
The world of computing has altered the meaning and use of many words and letters. One person's innocent acronym, out of context, could be a censor's (or editor's) nightmare.

To remove doubt and snickers, a group of lobbyists for the state tourism industry has quietly traded Wisconsin Tourism Federation, WTF, for Tourism Federation of Wisconsin, or TFW.

Suggestions by blog-writers (most influentially the Language Log) of "the inherent ambiguity of WTF," persuaded the 30-year-old group to change its name.
Therefore, tourists can expect something other than a WTF experience when they go to Wisconsin.

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