Thursday, December 22, 2011

Conviction Nixed in Sex for Tickets Case - Updated

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) In March 2010, Susan Finkelstein was convicted of misdemeanor prostitution and sentenced to one year of probation and 100 hours of community service.

This week, the conviction was overturned on appeal.
The “it’s not illegal to be a slut” defense worked, according to Susan Finkelstein’s lawyer.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court on Tuesday overturned the attempted prostitution conviction against Finkelstein, the Philadelphia woman accused of trying to trade sex for Phillies tickets in Bensalem during the 2009 World Series.

“I had said it’s not illegal to be a slut,” Finkelstein’s attorney, William Brennan, told the newspaper Tuesday. “And that’s kind of what the court is saying.”

The appeals court’s 11-page opinion stated that Finkelstein’s “conduct did not exceed the ambit of ‘private illicit sexual relations.’ ”
According to Assistant District Attorney Steve Jones, an appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is being considered.

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Sex Allegedly Offered for World Series Tickets
[Previous 10/28/09 post]
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) A 43-year-old Bensalem woman, Susan Finkelstein, was arrested for allegedly offering sex for World Series tickets via an ad on Craigslist.
Investigators say Finkelstein posted an ad on the classifieds Web site Craigslist that stated she was a die-hard Phillies fan and "buxom blonde" who was willing to get "creative" when it came down to payment.

An undercover officer responded to the ad and claims he met with the 43-year-old woman at a bar and she offered to perform various sex acts in exchange for tickets.
When the officer said he only had one ticket but his brother also had one, Finkelstein reportedly said she would "take care of them both." Consequently, she was cuffed and charged with prostitution.

Curiously, Finkelstein's immediate suggestion to "take care" of another man might lead one to believe that she's also scratching an itch and not just seeking tickets. In any event, her lawyer blames her behavior on Phillies fever.

Video report is here.

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