Friday, December 18, 2009

Teacher Allegedly Denies Holocaust to Class

(Las Vegas, Nevada) A gym teacher and multiculturalism club advisor at Northwest Career and Technical Academy is being investigated for a possible hate crime for allegedly denying the Holocaust and prompting anti-Semitic jokes and threats against Jewish students.
The investigation involves a text message sent to multiple students that said: "Men are supposed to act like men and not be pansy asses ... only girls are allowed to be that way you slut(t)y Jews ... Please feel free to (forward message) or I will slit your throats personally ... And yes I'm related to Hitler."

Lori Sublette, the teacher accused of denying the Holocaust, has not apologized to students for her comments, said 17-year-old Katie Piranio, a student in Sublette's "advocacy class," a weekly course intended to prepare teens for life after high school. [...]

Piranio said Sublette told students that history textbooks have inaccurate information and Holocaust photographs were doctored or distorted. She also said Sublette said in class that some Holocaust photographs were actually taken during an earlier time period in Russia.

After Piranio's father complained to school officials, Sublette called him to apologize, but only for giving her "opinion" in class, Katie Piranio said.

As a matter of district policy, teachers are not supposed to speak about subjects outside their expertise. Sublette is a full-time gym teacher with a bachelor's degree in kinesiology from the University of Washington and a master's degree from Arizona's Grand Canyon University, according to the school's Web site.
Apparently, a history course isn't required for a degree in kinesiology.

Clark County School administrators say that disciplinary action was taken against Sublette, however, it was not specified as to what it entailed.

Lastly, if the allegations are confirmed as facts, one must question the school administrator's decision to make Sublette responsible for multiculturalism awareness.

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