Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brooklyn Coach Accused of Sex Abuse of Girl, 14

(Brooklyn, New York) A 37-year-old gym teacher and volleyball coach, Lisa Guttilla, was arrested last Friday for allegedly feeling up a 14-year-old girl. Guttilla teaches at James Madison High School and coaches at the private Poly Prep Country Day School.

Guttilla has been charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.
The abuse came to light when the teen's mother started asking questions about a hickey on her neck - and she confessed to sexy sessions with Guttilla between Jan. 4 and 9.

A complaint filed in Brooklyn Criminal Court says the teacher did "touch, grab, squeeze and kiss the [girl] about the breast and buttock."

Guttilla was charged with sexual abuse and child endangerment and sent to the "rubber room" - a reassignment center for teachers under investigation.
Notably, James Madison High School is gaining a reputation as a hotbed of frisky female libidos. In recent months, French teacher Alini Brito, 29, and Spanish teacher Cindy Mauro, 33, were allegedly caught naked while embracing in a classroom and social studies teacher Alison Musacchio was accused of an inappropriate relationship with a male student.

It's also worth mentioning that James Madison High School has a distinguished history. Its graduates have encompassed the famous and accomplished, including Nobel Prize winners, U.S. Senators and Supreme Court Justices. Other notables include singer/songwriter Carole King, comedian Chris Rock, TV judge Judy Sheindlin and Gambino crime family button Roy DeMeo.

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