Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Woman Indicted for Soliciting Boy Over Internet - Updated

(Houston, Texas) Former substitute teacher Lauri Ann Price, 43, has been indicted for aggressively chasing after an underage Canadian male, 16.

Price was charged yesterday with two counts of online solicitation of a minor and one count of enticing a child from the custody of parent.

Arraignment is scheduled for May 10. (h/t ron)

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Woman Accused of Soliciting Teen Over Internet
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(Houston, Texas) A 42-year-old local mom and substitute teacher with the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, Lauri Ann Price, has been accused of soliciting and enticing a Canadian boy she met on the Internet.

Price, a mother of four, has been charged with two counts of online solicitation of a minor and one count of enticing a child with intent.
The Harris County’s District Attorney says the woman communicated with a 15-year-old boy in Canada and engaged in a cyber sexual relationship for over one year. The two allegedly met through the online game World of Warcraft.

Deputies say on Dec. 28, 2009, Price flew to Ontario from Houston where she picked up the now 16-year-old and engaged in a sexual relationship.

She was arrested Tuesday by the Internet Crimes Against Children unit in Houston, which is a local police officer task force.
Despite efforts by the boys parents to keep Price away, she ultimately absconded with him and was only found after a province-wide police manhunt. Disturbingly, Price left her four children home alone when she flew to Canada for sex with the youth. The children are now with their grandmother.

Price was booked into custody with bond initially set at $300,000. After a court appearance earlier today, bond was lowered to $15,000.

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