Friday, October 01, 2010

Boob Job in a Bottle

A new formula from Rodial Body Care Products promises to increase bust sizes by one-half cup.

The product is being dubbed "Boob Job in a Bottle."

According to the manufacturer:
Boob job works with your natural fat cells. As the fat cells move around the body after eating, boob job "blocks" the fat into the area where the product has been applied, so the bust and décolleté areas. You will see a gradual increase in cup size within 56 days as well as gaining an instant lifting and firming effect. Increase in cup size by 8.4%.

Rodial boob job is based on a natural phytosterol, derived from an Asian root that has no hormonal activity which works on the skin and the layer of fat beneath and is 100% paraben free.
In a nutshell, the Boob Job formula wrangles maverick fat cells into the boob corral resulting in added heft. After the formula is slowly, gently and lovingly rubbed into the boob, fat cells are attracted to the area. The subject interests me but I'm skeptical of the claims.

Despite my skepticism and the strident criticism of medical experts, several celebrities are devoted to the Boob Job treatment. Most notably, actress Scarlett Johansson and model Kelly Brook endorse the formula.

Scarlett Johansson & Kelly Brook

Recommended application of Boob Job is twice daily for 56 days and twice a week afterward for maintenance. The price is £125 (approx. $200) for 100ml.

Companion at TJR.

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