Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Berkeley Backs Off Honor for PFC Bradley Manning - Updated

(Berkeley, California) Late last night, the Berkeley City Council backed off its effort to give PFC Bradley Manning a medal.
In a 8-0 vote with one abstention, the council tabled the resolution brought by the city's Peace and Justice Commission, mostly because council members said they were reluctant to proclaim a hero someone who has neither admitted to nor been convicted of leaking the information.
One councilman wondered whether giving Manning an award would help convict him. Frankly, I contend what the city of Berkeley does really does not matter in the case.

Presumably, the prosecution of Bradley Manning will be based upon his alleged illegal actions.

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Berkeley to Honor Pfc. Bradley Manning
[Previous 12/9/10 post]
(Berkeley, California) A resolution has been submitted to the Berkeley City Council to declare U.S. Army soldier Bradley Manning a hero and call for his immediate release. The author of the resolution says Manning deserves a medal.

Pfc. Manning, the alleged source of all the WikiLeaks classified documents, is in custody in Virginia.

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