Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ohio Teacher Stacy Schuler Gets Early Release - Updated

(Lebanon, Ohio) Ex-teacher Stacy Schuler asked a judge if she could get out of prison after serving one year of a four-year sentence. The request was granted.
She was sentenced last October for encounters with the Mason High School students at her Springboro home in 2010.

The health and gym teacher was convicted of 16 counts of sexual battery and three counts of providing alcohol to a minor.
So, if you are in prison and want out, just ask.

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Ohio Teacher Stacy Schuler Gets Prison - Updated
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(Lebanon, Ohio) After a four-day bench trial, Warren County Judge Robert Peeler sentenced former teacher Stacy Schuler to four years in prison. Judge Peeler said he believes Schuler has mental problems but doesn't believe she's insane.

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Ohio Teacher Stacy Schuler on Trial - Updated
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(Lebanon, Ohio) The trial of former Mason High School teacher Stacy Schuler is in progress this week with the prosecution resting its case yesterday.

Although Schuler pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, two female students testified yesterday that Schuler plotted her defense before the allegations of sex with students became public.

Interestingly, it's also reported that Schuler claims she doesn't remember having sex with seven students.
Two former students of Schuler, identified only as KD and BD to protect their identities, testified that they felt like they were friends with their teacher, and even tried to defend her when police began investigating the case, but later decided that what she did was wrong.

KD testified that she and Schuler confided in each other about everything, including the events that occurred between Schuler and two male students.

"She told me that something had happened with RS and EK (the two students). She said she was really drunk and she thought something happened with RS," KD testified.

KD said that Schuler was crying as she told her that she was afraid of losing everything if anyone found out what happened.

She also testified that Schuler told her she had already thought of her defense if anyone found out.

"She said that if anyone found out, she already had her defense, that she would claim she was insane," KD testified.
During opening statements, the defense indicated that Schuler has manic episodes magnified by alcohol and suffers from several mental illnesses including bipolar disorder.

Schuler's defense attorneys will present their arguments today.

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Ohio Teacher Claims Insanity in Sex Case - Updated
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(Lebanon, Ohio) Former health and gym teacher at Mason High School, Stacy Schuler, 33, has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to 16 counts of child sexual battery and three counts of providing alcohol to minors.

Defense attorney Charlie Rittgers said he believes Schuler is being accurate in her assertion that she's loony.

Prosecutor David Fornshell noted that Schuler originally denied engaging in sex with the five high school boys. Therefore, her plea has changed from not guilty to not guilty by reason of insanity.

Schuler's trial is scheduled for August 8. She remains free on bond at her parent's home on house arrest. (h/t Phil)

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Ohio Teacher Accused of Sexual Battery of Students
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(Mason, Ohio) A health and physical education teacher at Mason High School, Stacy Schuler, surrendered to police after being indicted on 19 counts of sexual battery involving male students.
“A teacher is a person with authority over students,” said Chief Assistant Warren County Prosecutor Bruce McGary, explaining the sexual battery charges. McGary said Schuler had sexual contact with male students on five occasions in 2010.[…]

Shuler is charged with four counts of sexually battery with one of the male students on Aug. 20, three counts of sexual battery with another student on Aug. 27, four counts with another student on Sept. 10, four counts with another student between Sept. 17 and Oct. 15 and another four counts with the fifth and final teenage boy between Dec. 1 and Dec. 23.

None of the alleged sexual acts took place on school grounds, McGary said.
Schuler was booked into custody at the Warren County Jail without bond.


Anonymous said...

"So, if you are in prison and want out, just ask."

The caveat being...this only works if you happen to be a reasonably attractive woman. The more attractive you are, the better your chances of success.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the Lorain County judges that give out light sentences to the criminals.

Harold Hecuba said...

Who the hell do these judges think they are, doing things like knocking 75% off of a prison term when they know every citizen with any sense disapproves?


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