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Convicted Texas Teacher Brittni Colleps - Update

Convicted teacher Brittni Colleps appeared on television this week and claimed she was victimized because her orgy with a group of students was recorded without her permission.
The most damning evidence against Colleps was that graphic, homemade videotape of her group sex.

"I felt like I was victimized in that video, because I did not, I never gave my consent for it,” Colleps said in a jailhouse interview with “20/20” airing Friday night.

Colleps’ case was unique — not only for its extremely lewd nature — but also because the students she had sex with were consenting adults at the time.

That being the case, she did not face rape charges. Rather, Colleps faced the charge of “having improper relations with students,” stemming from a Texas law, which prohibits teachers from having sex with students — at any age.
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Texas Teacher Brittni Colleps - Update
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[Update 8:00PM EDT] Colleps sentenced to five years in prison.

(Fort Worth, Texas) The jury in the student sex trial of Kennedale High School teacher Brittni Colleps, 28, has started deliberations. Here's a media overview of the case.

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Texas Teacher and Five Students
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(Arlington, Texas) A 27-year-old English teacher and girls basketball coach at Kennedale High School, Brittni Colleps, has been accused of improper relations with five male students, all 18 years of age or older.

Colleps faces five felony counts of inappropriate relationship between a teacher and a student.
Arlington police began investigating the allegations on Wednesday, May 11 after the school staff and Kennedale police notified the agency.

According to investigators, the students described having sex with Colleps at her Arlington home during April and May of this year.
Colleps was booked into custody with bond set at $125,000.

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