Friday, February 03, 2012

NM Teacher Gets Hand Slap in Sex Case - Updated

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) In September 2011, former teacher Brenda Ray was indicted on counts of criminal sex and contributing to delinquency of a minor.

This week, Ray pleaded guilty in accordance with a plea agreement and was sentenced to three years of probation.
According to a criminal complaint, Ray was a teacher at Rio Rancho High during the 2007-08 school year when she began a relationship with one of her male students, who was a 16-year-old junior.

The first incident occurred in December 2007, when Ray performed a sexual act on the student after they drove to a secluded area. The second incident took place at Haynes Park and a third took place at the student’s home.

In December 2009, Ray allegedly sent emails to him recalling their encounters and talked about “sex in the hall” and the “crime committed.” There were 47 emails, with the last one sent on May 9, 2011.

The relationship continued after Ray’s former student became a college freshman. The teen told police that he drank and used drugs with Ray after he graduated from high school, according to the complaint.
In the end, Ray receives a mere hand slap.

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NM Teacher Accused of Sex with Male Student
[Previous 7/21/11 post]
(Albuquerque, New Mexico) A 40-year-old English teacher formerly at Cleveland High School and Rio Rancho High School, Brenda Ray, was arrested yesterday for allegedly engaging in sex with a former male student, 16.

Ray has been charged with multiple counts of rape and providing alcohol to a minor.
Police said they have emails and an interview with the victim which prove Ray had sex with him at least three times starting in the winter of 2007 when she taught him at Rio Rancho High School.

Right now police aren't ready to say if any of that happened on school property.
Reportedly, the victim's ex-girlfriend alerted authorities to the alleged offenses.

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