Sunday, August 26, 2012

Maine Woman Gets Prison for Sex with Boy, 13 - Update

(Farmington, Maine) Last June, 35-year-old Mandy Lynn Thibodeau pleaded guilty to two counts of gross sexual assault of a mentally-disabled 13-year-old boy with the understanding that she would only spend four years in prison.

This week, Thibodeau was sentenced to four years of a 10-year prison sentence and six years probation.
Assistant District Attorney Joshua Robbins told the court that the victim and his family have been seriously affected and the impact is long lasting.

Thibodeau and the mother of the boy met in junior high school and had been friends for 22 years, Robbins said. She had been through a couple of rough patches in her life and the boy's mother brought her back into her life to help her.

The victim has Asperger's Syndrome and struggles with routine tasks, including communication, and relies on many people, Robbins said.

Since the assaults that occurred eight days apart, he has had suicidal thoughts and he thinks he is to blame, he said. That has caused a lot of stress to him and his family, he said.
Thibodeau cried while expressing sorrow during her sentencing.

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Maine Woman, 34, and Boy, 13
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(Farmington, Maine) A 34-year-old local woman, Mandy Lynn Thibodeau, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly engaging in sex with her friend's 13-year-old son.

According to Farmington Police Detective Marc Bowering, Thibodeau faces one count of gross sexual assault in Farmington.
Franklin County Sheriff's Detective David St. Laurent also issued Thibodeau a summons on a second charge of gross sexual assault pertaining to the Farmington case, Bowering said.

Thibodeau is an acquaintance of the boy. The assaults allegedly occurred in Farmington and northern Franklin County, Bowering said.
Thibodeau was booked into custody with bond set at $1,500.

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