Thursday, February 23, 2012

Doctors Face Bribery Allegations

(Montreal, Canada) Enterprising patients are allegedly slipping envelopes of cash to Canadian doctors in exchange for moving up on the notorious health care waiting list.
Two Montreal cardiologists are facing disciplinary action over allegations they received hefty kickbacks to push patients to the top of the waiting list, the Quebec College of Physicians says.

The college's investigation uncovered at least two doctors who were allegedly taking envelopes of cash in exchange for providing faster service, Dr. Charles Bernard told CBC News.[…]

The investigation was triggered 14 months ago, when a Montreal woman told the news media she had paid a $2,000 cash "incentive" to have her mother bumped to the top of a waiting list.

After the investigation, the college said two cardiologists from Montreal would face a disciplinary hearing later this year in connection with such incidents. Bernard would not discuss the details of the cases, as nothing yet has been proved.
If money is changing hands, there's no motivation on the part of doctors nor patients for the practice to be exposed. According to one health law lawyer,
"When the patient is offering cash to the doctor, and the doctor is accepting the cash … both of them have an interest not to tell the story."
Agreed. And remember, if you want nice fresh oats, you pay. If you don't mind waiting for the oats to travel through the horse, you can scoop them up for free.

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