Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Florida Teacher Suspended for Inappropriate Conduct - Update

(Pompano Beach, Florida) For inappropriate conduct toward Haitian students, the Broward County School Board suspended Leslie Rainer for five days without pay and ordered her to attend diversity training.

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Florida Teacher Accused of Inappropriate Conduct
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(Pompano Beach, Florida) A 46-year-old reading teacher at Blanche Ely High School, Leslie Rainer, has been accused of inappropriate conduct toward students of Haitian descent.

Reportedly, Rainer called one student "chocolate that nobody wanted."
A complaint filed in January says Rainer, 46, "has had a history of inappropriate conduct towards her part-Haitian, minority descent students."

She allegedly told one Haitian student, "I wish they would put you in a boat and send you back where you came from," and ordered another to stand near a garbage can because "that's where he belongs."
Recommendations for Rainer to be suspended and complete diversity training will be considered by the Broward County School Board on February 7.

It's noteworthy that the Rainer episode represents the unusual situation where diversity training is recommended for an African-American.


toadbile said...

Leslie Rainer, i hereby declare you an honorary white male. Welcome aboard, hon.

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I had thought of a quip, but hereby surrender the floor and yield my remaining time to a re-reading of toadbile's comment.

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