Saturday, March 17, 2012

Female Astronauts to Provide Tension Smoothing

(Beijing, China) Chinese female astronauts are expected to be perfect.
China has picked two “divine” women to go on a space mission later this year.

Said to sport a flawless physique right down to pristine teeth and absolutely no body odor, the two female astronauts are part of a crew of seven shortlisted for the space mission.

But Beijing intends to keep their identities a secret until just before the Shenzhou IX spacecraft blasts off sometime between June and August. Shenzhou means “divine vessel.”[…]

As Pang Zhihao, deputy editor of Chinese magazine International Space put it: “Female astronauts have keener senses, a more meticulous heart and stronger communication and verbal skills than male astronauts.”

They are also better at “handling interpersonal relations” — a particularly important trait if Chinese astronauts are to travel to Mars one day, the Beijing Youth Daily said in a report.

This is because the journey to the red planet would be extremely long and tedious, so having both sexes on board could help smooth out any tension, it added.
Smooth out any tension, eh?

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