Monday, April 16, 2012

Wisconsin Mom Accused of Child Neglect

(Merrill, Wisconsin) A 19-year-old mother, Kristine Woellner, has been accused of blowing marijuana smoke into her six-month-old child's face.

Woellner faces four charges including child neglect. Reportedly, the offenses occurred on February 23rd and were observed by a witness.
"I smelled the odor, and me and my girlfriend walked toward the bathroom, and we witnessed the mother blowing smoke into the baby's face - marijuana smoke," said Joey Nebbergall, a witness.

Woellner was allegedly in Nebbergall's apartment through a mutual acquaintance.

"It made me mad because you shouldn't do that to a baby. If that was my kid, I wouldn't blow smoke in my baby's face," he said.

Due to the testimony of Nebbergall, a social worker, and the doctor who examined the baby in the emergency room, Judge Tim Vocke found there was enough evidence to proceed with the case.
Woellner was booked and released. A court appearance is scheduled for May 10.

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