Monday, August 27, 2012

Chinese Hooligan Pigs

Chinese authorities are as confused as everyone else about what constitutes obscenity.
"Ten years ago, the Department of Industry and Commerce raided a jewelry store on Jianghan Road in Wuhan City and confiscated a set of indecent objects in the form of 'hooligan pigs.'"

Ten years ago

Recently, photos of the Zhengzhou city Central Plains Fortune Tower Plaza were posted on the Internet. One prompted controversy.

Last week

Commenters claimed that one of the photos displayed two pigs engaging in an indecent act. Local authorities disagree.
The Zhengzhou city urban management department responded to inquiries that there are 21 stone statues in Central Plains Fortune Tower Plaza, including ones of small monks learning martial arts; children reading books; children picking carrots; a polar bear carrying a small bear.

The particular statue of interest is that of a "small pig giving his mother a back rub" under the theme of filial piety.
So, in Wuhan City the sculpture is an indecent object while in Zhengzhou City, it's a pig back rub.

Readers can decide for themselves.

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