Thursday, September 27, 2012

Virginia Mom Accused of Putting Baby in Dryer

(Henrico, Virginia) A 39-year-old local woman, Angela Janecka, has been accused of wrapping her newborn in plastic and putting the baby girl in the dryer.

Janecka faces charges of attempted murder and felony child neglect.
Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Nancy Oglesby described assertions by Angela Marie Janecka that her child was dead at birth Aug. 25 as "impossible, implausible and completely unbelievable" in arguing that the 39-year-old should stay behind bars.

Oglesby said medical experts in the case say there is no way the infant could have been dead at birth and then appeared thriving and healthy when Janecka's husband came home and discovered the infant in the dryer in a knotted plastic bag and pillow case.
Janecka is being held without bond. A competency hearing is scheduled for November.

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