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Cheerleader Sex Story Twist - Update

Sarah Jones hugs Cody York

Former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader/schoolteacher Sarah Jones has announced her engagement to Cody York, the student she was convicted of sexually abusing.
On Thursday, the couple posted photos on their Facebook pages announcing their engagement. Jones’ attorney Eric Deters confirmed that the couple was engaged.

Jones pleaded guilty last year for having sex with York when he was 17 years old. Photos on her Facebook page show the pair announcing their engagement.

Jones met York when she was a 9th grade teacher at Dixie Heights High School.
Congratulations to shaky pudding.

Meanwhile, it's unknown what happened in the defamation lawsuit Jones filed against seeking millions in damages. Frankly, I'm suffering from an erosion of interest.

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Cheerleader Sex Story - Update
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(Covington, Kentucky) Former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones is suing an Arizona-based website,, for making unkind comments about her.
The trial over the lawsuit begins Tuesday with jury selection in Covington, Ky., just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. It's expected to last less than a week.

Jones is seeking $11 million in damages, accusing and its owner, Hooman Karamian, of defamation and invasion of privacy.
Allegedly, the website posted disparaging comments about Jones prior to her initial arrest for having sex with a student.
If Jones' lawsuit succeeds and is awarded a large sum of money, other websites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Amazon could be bombarded with lawsuits over material posted by their users.
"Bombarded with lawsuits" is ominous.

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No Jail in Cheerleader Sex Case - Update
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Sarah Jones

(Covington, Kentucky) Earlier today, former NFL cheerleader Sarah Jones, 27, pleaded guilty to engaging in sex with a 17-year-old male student while she was a Dixie Heights High School teacher.
In a tearful admission in Kenton County Circuit Court in Covington, Ky., 27-year-old Sarah Jones pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct and custodial interference in place of more serious charges as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors.

"I began a romantic relationship while he was a student and I was in a position of authority," Jones said, her voice cracking as her family members wiped their own tears.

Jones said the relationship began in February 2011 at a northern Kentucky high school when the boy was 17. She said the two had sex, that she sent him sexually explicit text messages and lied about the relationship to police.

In accepting the plea agreement, Judge Patricia Summe granted prosecutors' recommendation to sentence Jones to five years of diversion but no jail time. The diversion requires Jones to report to a probation officer, undergo drug tests and never apply for a teaching job again.
At least part of the motivation to accept a plea deal was Jones' desire to avoid having transcripts of her steamy text messages to the student exposed at trial. The messages have been called embarrassing. So, despite the loud media hoopla regarding the Sarah Jones-cheerleader-teacher-student-sex scandal, the case peters down to misconduct and interference with no jail.

Meanwhile, former school principal Cheryl Armstrong Jones, Sarah's mother, pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence. Detailed disposition of Cheryl Jones' case is unavailable but it's reported she will avoid jail.

In related litigation, Sarah Jones reportedly sued a website for falsely alleging she had sex with Cincinnati Bengals players and had acquired two venereal diseases. As a result, Jones was awarded a judgment of $11 million in August.

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Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader/Schoolteacher Accused of Student Sex
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(Covington, Kentucky) A Kenton County grand jury has indicted 26-year-old Sarah Jones, a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader who formerly taught at Dixie Heights High School, on charges of sexual abuse of a minor and unlawful use of electronics to induce a minor into sex. Upon conviction, each charge is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Sarah's mother, Cheryl Jones, has been indicted on a charge of tampering with evidence in the same case and faces a possible five years in prison if convicted.

Both Sarah and Cheryl Jones were booked into custody at the Kenton County Jail and released on bond.

Here's a media report.

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