Monday, June 10, 2013

Tennessee Teacher Gets No Jail in Sex Case - Update

(Cleveland, Tennessee) The sexual battery case against former Bradley County teacher, Christie N. David, has concluded.
David pleaded guilty to sexual battery, the least offensive of sexual offenses. A judge sentenced her to one year but suspended the sentence and ordered her to register with the state of Tennessee as a sex offender.
So, David walks.

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Tennessee Teacher Faces Sex Charge - Update
[Previous 11/21/12 post]
(Cleveland, Tennessee)
A Walker Valley High School teacher charged recently with sexual battery by an authority figure entered a “not guilty” plea in Bradley County Criminal Court Monday and a status date has been set for February 2013.

Christie N. David, 32, a social studies teacher, was indicted by a Bradley County Grand Jury after an investigation of her alleged involvement with a former student, a 15-year-old male.
David remains free on bond.

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Tennessee Teacher Faces Sex Charge
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(Cleveland, Tennessee) A 32-year-old teacher at Walker Valley High School, Christie David, has been accused of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old male student.

David has been charged with one count of sexual battery by an authority figure.
The Criminal Investigations Division of the Bradley County Sheriff's Office started an investigation September 27 involving Christie David, 32.

The investigation findings were presented in a session of the Bradley County Grand Jury and an indictment was issued accusing David of having an inappropriate relationship with a male 15-year old former student.
David was booked into custody at the Bradley County Jail and released on $10,000 bond.


Anonymous said...

Too bad the judge didn't have the guts to remand the harlot....

kelly said...

This is my cousins wife. She's not a harlot. She's been wrongfully accused!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope she is innocent, but wrongfully accused is far too often the story until the phone records, emails, and Facebook communications are revealed.
Again I hope it didn't happen, but if it did, major jail time should be in order. The females pedifiles should be punished just as their male counterparts are.

Anonymous said...

This boy needs to be raked over the coals. He has no regard for her career or family. Devastating. Show us a picture of this 15 year old who assaulted her. Nuts.

Test Blog said...

Christie and I were friends throughout junior high and high school. While we grew apart when we went off to college, she is the absolute last person on the planet who could be guilty of something like this.

She is one of the most considerate and compassionate individuals I've ever encountered. She's simply not capable of engaging in inappropriate actions like she was charged.

I suspect there's a lot more to the story, especially based on comments like this from her attorney that was quoted in the Cleveland Daily Banner:

David’s attorney, Scott Kanavos, said his client entered into a “no contest” plea to a lesser charge “... because she recognized at the end of the day she, like so many other people, put herself into a situation where her judgment was scrutinized. She is extremely grateful for support from family, friends and others from the community.”


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