Sunday, November 11, 2012

 It's all about "the fossil-fuel companies with their unprecedented profits and unbearably overpaid executives and shareholders"

And who says so?  Tom Engelhardt says so, our Manhattan Greenie who writes for a Muslim news outlet.  Mind you, he's not much of a Greenie if he lives in Manhattan. There's not much rainforest there  -- though there are plenty of Orangutans.

He admits that big storm Sandy can't be linked to global warming but he links it anyway.  He puts up a big list of bad things that he says are caused by global warming and moans that "nothing is being done" about them.  Why?  Could it be that there IS no global warming?  No.  Tom believes and, just as religious men have done at least since Moses in Exodus, he cries "Why won't people BELIEVE?"  And Yahveh hasn't yet popped up to help out by visiting boils, frogs and other afflictions on the unbelievers.

But he has an answer to his agonized question:  The Lucifer of today is "fossil-fuel companies" who mislead the people into worshipping the Baals of skepticism.  But how does Tom know THAT?  The fossil fuel companies give far more to Greenies than to anybody else so there must be another source for Tom's insight.

And there is.  See the quote heading this comment.  The companies are the Devil because they are RICH.  It is their money that is unbearable.  Tom's envy-fuelled anger has led him to truth.  Sure beats the facts! Hate triumphant!

See here.  Tom Nelson has a laugh at Engelhardt too.

Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

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Anonymous said...

Pretty clear example of not liking the message so let's attack the messenger.

Messenger aside, oil company's and their top executives have had record profits and bonus's year after year after year to the point where it is obscene when put into the context of the millions upon millions who are struggling (including the economy in general) due to current gas prices.

I don't begrudge anyone making a fair profit and reaping the benefits of a successful business. But when so many are suffering due to the burden of the cost of their product, while their incomes unceasingly go up and up and up.... Especially when you consider it's a product the vast majority of us have no choice but to use. Pardon the pun, but they literally have us over a barrel. It would be nice to see the executives and shareholders experiencing a bit of the same impact on their finances that all the rest of us are dealing with. Perhaps something simple like lowering the price of gas a few penny's a gallon and forgoing their bonuses and pay increases for a year. It's not like these guys are going to have to start eating hamburger helper due to becoming destitute as a result.

Is it a sin to be rich. No. Is it a sin to be getting richer, while those working for you and the people who you provide your product to get poorer and poorer....well, certainly not to republicans and conservatives....they just see that as capitalism at it's finest. Perhaps this is another tidbit for your consideration for you as you and yours struggle to understand why democrats won the vast majority of the recent elections.

Just food for thought.


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