Friday, November 09, 2012

Brand Loyalty

This news will likely irritate the 'Made in America' crowd while concurrently confusing believers in brand loyalty.
Mazda Motor Corp. will make Toyota-brand subcompacts at its new plant in Mexico, allowing Japan's top automaker to strengthen its North American model lineup.

Under the agreement announced Friday, Mazda will annually produce 50,000 subcompacts, based on the Mazda2 but under the Toyota brand by mid-2015.
I would speculate that sales staffers at your local Toyota dealership won't be saying, "Yep, it's got a Toyota label but it's really a Mexican Mazda you got there."


JR said...

Toyota plants must be already running as fast as they can

Wireless.Phil said...

Reminds me of the Chevy Nova back in the mid 80s, part f it was made in Japan by Toyota.

As for "made in America", they mean made in the USA. Not the continent of America. See:

Anonymous said...

There was a factory in California that made Toyota's and fords and I believe something else, all on the same production lines.... think it's closed, now.

Anonymous said...

You are talking about the old Numi plant in Fremont CA. The plant is still there, but it's making Teslas now.


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