Friday, November 30, 2012

Louisiana Teacher Accused of Molestation

(Union Parish, Louisiana) A 41-year-old teacher, Bridgette Lynette Murphy Gean, was arrested this week for allegedly molesting a juvenile.

Gean faces charges of domestic abuse battery and child endangerment.
Union Parish Sheriff Bob Buckley said detectives' investigation revealed Gean had sexual relations with a 16-year-old male juvenile who at the time 11 months ago was a student at Downsville High School. This year the school is Downsville Charter School.

Deputies had worked a domestic abuse case Saturday night at Gean's residence where she denied any altercation had taken place.

However, her husband told deputies that his wife was beating on him. The victim said he was trying to leave with their two children because his wife had an alcohol problem.
Gean was booked into custody and released on bond.


Anonymous said...

There was a student who claimed the 16, now 17 year old boy was constantly in this teacher's room & not doing his work. On her Facebook this teacher taught 6-8 grade at this K-12 school. What was this sophomore or junior doing in her class. My child was heavily bullied by 1 girl, who used to spend the nite at the principal's house & the principal claimed the girl was trying to help protect my daughter from other girls that this girl staged a confrontation with the same girls. Other moms have told me they've had to hire attorneys, and I would have hired an attorney if I would have the $, to protect our daughters. The principal retired last year from this school & I believe he should be investigated for the above behavior, as well as allowing the older sister to the above girl to attend school functions while suspended, and not monitoring this junior high teacher with a high school student. This school is tiny with approx. 375 students.

Evan Bayles said...

This was my teacher she was nice funny how she was always saying don't drink or bang students

Evan Bayles said...

My 7th grade teacher

Evan Bayles said...

I'm now in 9th


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