Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mass Teacher Busted for Providing Booze, Pot to Minors

(Maynard, Massachusetts) A 41-year-old teacher's aide at Maynard High School, Jennifer Olsen, has been accused of repeatedly providing alcohol and marijuana to minors.

Olsen has been charged with four counts of procuring alcohol for a minor and two counts of drug violation in a school zone.
In one incident, Olsen allegedly picked up four high school students and drove to a secluded parking lot where they all smoked marijuana in her vehicle, the statement state.

“These are very troubling allegations, where the defendant furnished illegal substances to youth in violation of law and the trust place in her by the town of Maynard,” Leone said in the statement.

In another incident, which occurred on school property, Olsen met with the same four students to smoke marijuana again, Leone’s office said.

Olsen also allegedly purchased alcohol and gave it to the teenagers and communicated with at least one teen through email and social media to discuss providing the student with illegal substances, the statement said.
Maynard School Department terminated her employment.

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Anonymous said...

Hey it's Mass. nothing will happen....


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