Monday, December 03, 2012

Kansas City Murder-Suicide

Last Saturday, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher allegedly killed his girlfriend and then went to Arrowhead Stadium where he shot himself in front of his coaches.

Girlfriend Kasandra Perkins reportedly died from nine gunshot wounds. Belcher died from a shot to the head.

According to NBC sportscaster Bob Costas, speaking at halftime of Sunday Night Football, blame for the tragic deaths has been soundly attributed to the gun.


Comrade J said...

As some folks already pointed out, were guns responsible in the Bow and arrow murder suicide in Wyoming?

Or the murder sprees in China where the murderers use knifes? Or say UK, where knifes are now also the preferred instrument of murderers?

Just another proof that libtardation is a religious cult divorced from reality.

Anonymous said...

why didn't he use a knife then?


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