Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mystery Man Falls From Sky

(London, England) The mangled body of a man was found on the street. Police have prepared a sketch, attempting to learn his identity.
Police believe he was from Africa, probably from Angola, but they don’t know his identity.

The mystery began in September when residents of a suburban street in the Mortlake neighborhood of West London woke up on a quiet Sunday morning to find the crumpled body of a man on the sidewalk of Portman Avenue, near a convenience store, an upscale lingerie shop and a storefront offering Chinese medical cures.

Detectives believed at first the man was a murder victim and cordoned off the area. Within a day, however, police concluded the man – probably already dead – had fallen to the ground when a jet passing overhead lowered its landing gear as it neared the runway at nearby Heathrow Airport.

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