Sunday, December 09, 2012

Oregon Model and Boys

Anna Welsh

(Tillamook County, Oregon)
A 31-year-old female model from Oregon, Anna R. Welsh, has been arrested on two counts of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct, one count of sodomy and three counts of sex abuse.
According to police, 'at least' three boys were involved, aged 16 and younger. Reportedly, Welsh engaging in sexual contact with one boy and traded porn with others.

As a professional model, Anna Welsh describes herself as a fitness model who does "boudoir, bikini and other types modeling." She also competes in distance running events and claims she loves to smile and laugh. And while mothering three children, Welsh serves as an active board member of a preschool.

Welsh was booked into custody at the Tillamook County Jail on $100,000 bail.

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RonL said...

I am quite certain that none of the adolescents saw themselves as abused. She's got issues, but let's keep the term abuse for abuse.


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