Saturday, December 22, 2012

Schwarzenegger Climate Conference


(Vienna, Austria) Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has created an Energy and Climate Change Initiative with its first conference scheduled for next month in Vienna.
Monika Langthaler, organiser of the conference said: "Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to hold his first conference of his organisation in is home country. We hope to be able to hold further events in Vienna."
Austria is Schwarzenegger's home country? I don't think so. Former home country, for sure, but he's called the USA his home for a number of decades.

In any event, Schwarzenegger has spotlighted his liberal bona fides by forming a climate change organization.


Doom said...

Oh, a former governor of Cali, and the husband of a Kennedy, liberal? Oh my golly. What a supplies, as my friend Sum Ting Wong, once noted!

Spartacus said...

What is is about Austrians whose first names start with the vowel "A"? What a creepy hundred years we've lived in!


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