Monday, January 21, 2013

Betting When Cancer Patients Will Die

Death Gambling Street

(Taichung, Taiwan) According to a recent report,
[A]n unhealthy gambling trend has appeared on Shijia East Street of Taichung’s East District, where over a hundred businesses under the guise of being elderly associations, and with the agreement of family members, used when the terminally ill would die for gambling, involving over 1 billion yuan. On one street just a short 200 metres long, there were 10 fronts participating in the ‘death gambling’ business, making it ‘death gambling street’!

The article noted that poor family member could because of this forgo emergency treatment [to dying family members] and immoral doctors could place bets to win money, both becoming participants in the gambling.[…]

If the patient dies between 1 and 6 months, the bettor is paid 3x their wager. Government officials and family members can also get 10% dividend/share. However, if the patient dies within one month, there is no payout. After 6 months, the payout is decreased and if after a year, the bettor may lose money. “Even more ridiculous” is that doctors provided consultation for bettors on a patient’s condition.
I would be nervous about trusting my care to family members and professionals who were betting on when I would die.

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