Sunday, January 13, 2013

China Confronts Japan in East China Sea

Chinese J-10 Fighters

(Beijing, China)
China has denounced actions by Japanese military planes that disrupted routine patrols of Chinese aircraft. At a press conference, an official with the Defense Ministry confirmed that China sent two J-10 fighters to the East China Sea.

The move was triggered after a Y-8 aircraft was closely followed by two Japanese F-15 fighters as it patrolled the southwest airspace of the East China Sea oil platform on Thursday. The official said the J-10 fighters were sent to monitor the Japanese fighter jets tailing the Y-8 and another Japanese reconnaissance plane spotted in the same airspace.

The official further said the Chinese military will be on high alert, and that China will resolutely protect the security of its air defense force and uphold its legitimate rights.
I suspect that China will become increasingly confrontational now that President Obama has indicated he wants to slash US military spending.

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