Monday, January 28, 2013

Elite Soldiers Grow Breasts

Elite German Troops

(Berlin, Germany)
An alarming study has been revealed which suggests that soldiers in a German army guard battalion that performs in major state ceremonies are growing breasts - as a side effect of military drills.

The study, carried out by plastic and hand surgeons at the Bundeswehr hospital in Berlin, found that the guards were at greater risk of developing a condition called gynaecomastia, or an enlargement of the mammary gland, on the left side, the Hamburger Morgenpost newspaper recently reported.

Though gynaecomastia is usually a hormonal condition, the study found that serving in the guard battalion can also be a cause, because it requires soldiers to repeatedly slam their rifles into the left side of their chest during military drills.
Presumably, the elite troops are all male thereby making enlarged breasts unusual. Nevertheless, I'm skeptical. If military drills, which have been conducted for millennia, cause breasts to grow, someone would have noticed it before now.


Doom said...

If there is an issue with gynaecomastia, my guess would be to investigate the nutrition. If they are being fed *ugh* higher ratios of vegetables and vegetal meat replacements, plant-based estrogen and other female hormones like it, may be their problem. Soy is particularly high in (str)estrogen. And with housewives pretty much a lost art, most people are fed, birth to grave, on pre-fab foods with lots of this crap in it. One more reason I simply don't trust furless growy things and artificial stuff on my plate.

Mike Pechar said...

I tend towards agreeing with Mr. Doom.


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