Saturday, January 26, 2013

Florida Woman Accused of Aggravated Child Abuse

(Kissimmee, Florida) A 29-year-old local woman, Rebeca Carvajal, has been accused of hauling off and walloping a young child with a belt.

Carvajal faces charges of domestic aggravated child abuse and domestic child neglect.
The investigation began on January 22 when deputies took a possible child abuse report. The complainant indicated her relative, a 6-year-old girl was under the care of Carvajal when Carvajal struck the child with a belt.

The child had bruising around both of her eyes. Deputies spoke with Carvajal who said she watches the child frequently and typically disciplines her by spanking the child with her hand or a belt. In this instance, which took place several weeks before, Carvajal accidentally hit the child's face with the belt. She did not seek medical attention for the child even though there was severe bruising on her face.
Carvajal was booked into custody.

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