Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Georgia Man Sues State Over Gay Vanity Plates

(Atlanta, Georgia) A 30-year-old local man, James Cyrus Gilbert, applied for personalized license plates displaying “4GAYLIB,” “GAYPWR” or “GAYGUY” and was rejected.

As a result, Gilbert is suing the State of Georgia for violating his constitutional right to free speech.
The lawyers fighting the case said the issue may seem trivial to some, but it is representative of a wider attitude toward allowing freedom of speech.

In order for the state to keep the word “gay” from appearing on its plates, they would have to declare the word obscene, a move that many wager licensing officials won’t be willing to do.
Frankly, I suggest that Mr. Gilbert is a rather gutsy guy. Cruising the highways of the deep South with "GayGuy" license plates might possibly poke a disruption in the good old boy domestic tranquility.

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