Monday, February 24, 2014

Georgia Teacher Gets Prison for Sex with 6 Students - Update

(Charlton County, Georgia) Former Charlton County High School teacher DaNita Wilson, 33, pleaded guilty today before Superior Court Judge Jeffrey H. Kight to six counts of sexual assault involving six students.
Kight accepted the plea agreement offered by Senior Assistant District Attorney Alex Markowich and sentenced Wilson to 25 years on each of the six counts, with 15 to be served on probation, and ordered them to be served concurrently.

As a condition of her sentence, Kight ordered her to have no contact with minors except her two young children and, ultimately, her grandchildren should she have any.

She must also register as a sex offender upon her release.
Case closed.

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Georgia Teacher and Several Students
[Previous 1/30/13 post]
(Charlton County, Georgia) A 32-year-old teacher at Charlton County High School, Danita Wilson, has been accused of engaging in sex with multiple students.

Wilson faces seven counts of sexual assault on a child.
The charges allege at least seven different students are involved, according to Stacey Carson, GBI Assistant Special Agent In Charge.

Carson said the alleged activity has been going on for more than a year. The young people involved are not all Wilson's students, but they are or were students at the school at one time.

The Charlton County School Board received a tip from an unknown source that was passed on to the Charlton County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday.
Wilson was booked into custody and released on $35,000 bond.

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