Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tennessee School Counselor Collared for DUI

(Chattanooga, Tennessee) A 49-year-old school counselor formerly at Signal Mountain Middle-High School, Dr. Anne Elizabeth Cushing, was involved in an accident last Saturday and arrested for allegedly driving drunk and violating the implied consent law after refusing to have her blood-alcohol level tested.
A sheriff's deputy said he was dispatched to the accident scene and found Dr. Cushing outside of her 2008 Jeep trying to walk out of some woods. He said she could not keep her balance and he helped her to her vehicle. She said she was not injured.

The officer said he could smell an odor of alcohol on her. He said she failed several field tests, including the walk and turn in which she "could not keep her balance and missed heel to toe on every step."
Cushing was booked into custody at the Hamilton County Jail.

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