Friday, December 20, 2013

Arizona Woman Gets Prison in Teen Sex Case - Update

(Phoenix, Arizona) Jennifer Dempsey has been sentenced to 17 years in prison and lifetime supervised probation as a sex offender.

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Arizona Woman Guilty in Teen Sex Case - Update
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Jennifer Dempsey

(Phoenix, Arizona) Jennifer Dempsey pleaded guilty yesterday to molestation of a child, attempted sexual conduct with a minor and sexual conduct with a minor.

Sentencing is scheduled for October 22.

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Arizona Woman Accused of Being Loony
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(Phoenix, Arizona) Honestly, I have yet to see a 35-year-old hosebag successfully pretend to be a 16-year-old tenderoni. But it seems that some people can pull it off.
A woman who portrayed herself online as a 16-year-old girl who was pregnant was arrested Thursday for engaging in sex acts with teenage boys, Phoenix police said.

Jennifer Dempsey, 35, is accused of contacting 14-year-old to 16-year-old boys she did not know through Facebook and then meeting them for sex acts, Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Trent Crump said.

Dempsey told both victims she was pregnant and attended a meeting with one of the victim's parents, Crump said.

Crump also said for the past five years, Dempsey convinced her family she had cancer. She shaved her head, bought wigs and had a fake chemotherapy port taped to her chest to make it appear real, Crump said.

Police detectives discovered Dempsey did not have cancer, but used the claim to help avoid arrest.

"She used her cancer ploy to our detectives to try and stay out of trouble," said Crump. "She said this is the reason why she didn't engage in the sexual conduct because she was constantly ill from chemotherapy, all of which we learned in the following days, was not true."

CBS5 News spoke to several of Dempsey's neighbors who said that they would see her with a tube on her chest and assumed she was fighting cancer.
It's astonishing what goes on in some folks' brains.

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