Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Massive Diamond Heist

(Brussels, Belgium)
Brussels Airport and a Swiss airline are at the center of a multimillion dollar international diamond heist that's in the news this morning (Feb. 19).

Police say the theft occurred late Monday at Brussels Airport.

According to authorities, a group of eight men cut a hole in a perimeter security fence, drove out to the tarmac and removed diamonds possibly worth hundreds of millions of dollars from the cargo of a Helvetic Airways' Fokker 100 jet operating for Swiss International Airlines.
It's reported that the raid lasted a mere three minutes and an estimated $50 million in diamonds were taken. Sounds like an inside job.

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Doom said...

Fencing those is going to be a pita. Then again, most thieves don't steal high value, high profile, without first having a buyer or three. Diamonds, valuable ones, are usually x-rayed these days. Still, as slick jobs go, that is up there. Assuming the heist doesn't collapse on the sheer gravity of itself.


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