Friday, February 22, 2013

Nevada Woman and Pit Bull

Kara Vandereyk

(Las Vegas, Nevada) Responding to a tip, police found 23-year-old Kara Vandereyk engaging in various acts of sexual dispose with her pit bull.
Not only was the woman said to be in plain view of the neighbors, but police officers reported Vandereyk appeared to be under the influence of drugs, or was mentally ill, when she stood up and greeted the officers with a nonchalant, “Hi.”

Upon further investigation of the situation between the 23-year-old and the pit bull, police found that the woman couldn’t identify herself, the current date, or the name of the President of the United States.
Vandereyk was booked into custody and charged with open and gross lewdness.


Doom said...

No worries, she already voted for... some Democrat. For her rights, you know.

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