Saturday, December 06, 2014

Kansas School Counselor Sentenced for Rape - Update

Brooke Dinkel

(Salina, Kansas) In Saline County District Court, Brooke Dinkel was sentenced Thursday to almost 14 years in prison for sex with boy.

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Kansas School Counselor Convicted of Rape - Update
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(Salina, Kansas)
After about three hours of deliberation, jurors convicted former Smoky Valley Middle School counselor Brooke Dinkel of two counts of rape Monday.

Jurors found Dinkel, 33, not guilty of eight additional counts of rape and 10 counts of aggravated criminal sodomy.

Judge Patrick Thompson scheduled sentencing for Dinkel at 1:30 p.m. Aug. 11 in Saline County District Court.
Dinkel faces a possible life prison term.

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Kansas School Counselor, 31, and Boy, 14
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(Salina, Kansas) A 31-year-old counselor at Smoky Valley Middle School, Brooke Dinkel, surrendered to authorities last Friday to face charges of engaging in sex with a male student under age 14.
Sheriff Glen Kochanowski said officials of the school district contacted the Lindsborg Police Chief last week concerning the allegations. Kochanowski said since the student and the incidents occurred in Saline County, the case was referred to the Saline County Sheriffs Office.
Dinkel has been charged with multiple counts of rape and criminal sodomy.

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