Monday, June 02, 2014

Washington State Educator Gets Jail for Sex with Student - Update

(Olympia, Washington)
Former BHHS para-educator, Courtney Keller, 29, pleaded guilty in April to four counts of first-degree sexual misconduct with the boy. Keller's relationship with him began when he was 16.
Keller was sentenced to nine months in jail.

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Washington State Educator Guilty of Sex with Student - Update
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(Olympia, Washington) Earlier today, 29-year-old Black Hills para-educator Courtney Keller pleaded guilty to four counts of first-degree sexual misconduct with a minor.

As a result, a June 2nd sentencing date has been scheduled.
Thurston County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney John Skinder said he and Keller's defense attorney will jointly recommend a suspended 5-year prison sentence, and that she be allowed to complete a Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative, or SOSA.

If the judge grants Keller a 5-year suspended sentence and a SOSA, the 5-year prison sentence could be imposed if Keller fails to complete the terms of the SOSA, Skinder said.

A SOSA typically includes sexual deviancy treatment from a licensed mental health professional, and restitution.
Avoiding a civil lawsuit, the school district agreed to pay the former student $300,000.

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Washington State Educator, 28, and Male HS Student
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(Olympia, Washington) A 28-year-old teacher's aide at Black Hills High School, Courtney Keller, has been accused of engaging in sex with a male student, starting at age 16.

Keller, a married mother of a 4-year-old, faces a charge of first-degree criminal sexual misconduct.
The former student told police that the two began flirting, then “making out” and touching, all during his sophomore year in high school, when he was 16. Starting during his junior year, he said she began providing him “with tobacco and pain killers,” including Vicodin and Percoset.

They also began having sex his junior year, the young man told police. He said that Keller once attended a party with him at another student’s home. He said that two students walked in on him having sex with Keller during the party.

He said the relationship ended because Keller was falling in love, and she wanted to leave her husband and move in with him when he turned 18. The young man told police he was “really freaked” by this proposal.
Keller was booked into custody and later released on personal recognizance.

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