Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jodi Arias Gets Life in Prison - Update

(Maricopa County, Arizona) With no possibility of parole, Jodi Arias, 34, has been sentenced to serve life in prison for murdering her boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

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Jodi Arias Murder Trial
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(Maricopa County, Arizona) I contend that it is impossible for even the most casual news consumer to be ignorant of the Jodi Arias murder trial. It's sensational.

Evidence indicates that Arias stabbed her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, dozens of times then slit his throat and followed all that by shooting him in the face. Evidence also indicates the crime was preplanned.

A jury verdict is expected today and virtually everybody foresees Arias being found guilty of murder in the first-degree.

Presumably, the only question that remains is whether Arias gets life in prison or execution.

Mrs. Participant has wagered 25 cents that Arias gets execution. I think, 25 cents-worth, that the jury will choose life in prison because they believe she has mental issues.

As an aside, the IP household is known for its low-stakes gambling.


The Big Jub Jub said...

I'll vote for a square blunt needle...

Wireless.Phil said...

She is one ugly woman!

Old Weird Ward said...

25 cents? Sounds like my house.

Wireless.Phil said...

Here's the next one, Shayna Hubers kills boyfriend.

Gave him the nose job he wanted, shot him in the face, shot him again to end his pain.

Highland Heights, Kentucky

Jilted girlfriend goes on trial for killing her lawyer lover with his gun - as she claims self-defense and prosecutors say she shot him six times for breaking up with her


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