Saturday, January 04, 2014

Wisconsin Teacher Gets Prison for Boy Sex - Update

(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
A Milwaukee County judge sentenced 29-year-old Megan Garland, a Messmer High School science teacher, to four years in prison plus another six years of extended supervision.
So be it.

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Wisconsin Teacher No Contest to Boy Sex Charges - Update
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(Milwaukee, Wisconsin) Former teacher at Messmer High School Megan Garland, 29, pleaded no contest yesterday to illegal sexual contact with two students.

Garland pleaded to reduced charges of child enticement and sexual assault by school staff.
Garland was arrested after she was caught performing a sex act on a 14-year-old male student May 23 in the parking lot of Destiny Church and School in Milwaukee.

Prosecutors later added a second charge, that she groped a 15-year-old male Messmer student while giving him a ride in her car earlier that month.

In court Friday, her attorney, Alex Flynn, told the judge that she was entering a no-contest plea rather than guilty pleas because she could be facing a personal injury lawsuit over the incidents.
Garland faces sentencing in January 2014.

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Wisconsin Teacher, 28, and Boy, 14
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(Milwaukee, Wisconsin) A 28-year-old science teacher at Messmer High School, Megan Garland, has been accused of engaging in sex acts with a 14-year-old student in the parking lot of Destiny High School.

Garland faces a charge of second-degree sexual assault of a child.
According to the criminal complaint, an adult saw a parked car in the Destiny High School parking lot with fogged windows. The adult opened up the door to the car, and found the teen and Garland allegedly engaged in sexual acts.

Both Garland and the teen were detained in the office of Destiny High School as police were called to the school. The 14-year-old boy did admit to engaging in sexual acts with Garland.

Milwaukee police say Garland attempted to commit suicide after being found out, and was treated for her wounds.
Details on booking are unavailable.

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