Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Carolina Teacher Accused of Larceny

(Hartsville, South Carolina) A 28-year-old first-grade teacher at Thornwell School for the Arts, Sutton Marie Kinsley, was arrested last Friday after allegedly being caught stealing in a sting operation.

Kinsley faces a charge of petit larceny.
Because there was suspicion Kinsley was stealing from people at the school, Hartsville police set up a sting.

An officer placed $25 in a purse belonging to Kinsley's co-worker. The $5 and $20 bills were marked with blue ink in a diamond-like pattern, according to an incident report.

An hour later, police got a call from the co-worker saying the money was gone.

The report says Kinsley was questioned and voluntarily pulled the marked $25 out of her pocket.
Kinsley was booked into custody at the Darlington County Detention Center.

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