Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Feminist Strip-Searched Entering Spanish Parliament

Feminist Mar Esquembre in Spanish Parliament

(Madrid, Spain) A Constitutional Law lecturer at Alicante University, Mar Esquembre was strip-searched upon entering Parliament.
A university lecturer and renowned feminist is suing the Spanish Parliament's Speaker of the House after security staff forced her to strip down to her underwear because she had the wrong surname.[…]

Mar Esquembre’s account of events has sent a shiver down the spine of many Spanish feminists who now fear fighting for their cause has become a crime in Spain.[…]

“They had my second surname written down wrongly,” she wrote in her blog when recalling her ordeal.

“My friend and I tried to explain why but the security guards were already putting the rubber gloves on.”

Esquembre describes how she was taken to a separate room and ordered to strip down to her underwear if she wanted to sit at the public viewing gallery.
Esquembre said she intends to sue the Speaker of the House.

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