Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Oklahoma Teacher Sentenced for Giving Alcohol to Boys - Update

(Carter County, Oklahoma)
Stephenie Ringwald's list of legal issues began to sort itself out Monday, as she plead guilty in Carter County District Court to two felony charges of furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Ringwald, 31, was sentenced to five years on each charge with all but 10 days in the Carter County Detention Center under supervision. Ringwald also received a $2,500 fine, and 200 hours of community service.

She will also not be allowed to have contact with the victims.
Ringwald faces additional charges in Murray County.

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Oklahoma Teacher Now Accused of Sexual Misconduct - Update
[Previous 9/23/14 post]
(Murray County, Oklahoma) Former teacher and cheer coach at Dickson Public Schools, Stephanie (aka Stephenie) Ringwald, 31, faces new charges of sexual misconduct. She was taken into custody on Sunday night.

Ringwald faces a charge of sexual battery.
According to court documents Ringwald is accused of having sex with a 16-year old boy at her home last month.

Investigators say the teen was a co-worker of Ringwald's at the local Braum's.

They say the boy objected but Ringwald persisted.[…]

Ringwald resigned from Dickson schools last September shortly after she was accused of having sexual contact with a student and providing alcohol to others.
Ringwald was booked into custody at the Murray County Jail with bond set at $75,000.

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Oklahoma Teacher Accused of Rape
[Previous 10/16/13 post}
(Dickson, Oklahoma) A former teacher and cheer coach at Dickson Public Schools, Stephenie Ringwald, has been accused of of engaging in sex with a 17-year-old high school student.

Ringwald faces counts of second-degree rape and forcible sodomy.
Investigators say the incidents all happened at Ringwald's home in Murray County this summer.

Ringwald is the daughter of former Dickson superintendent Sherri Howe.

Howe resigned earlier this month after several parents complained that she knew about the sex allegations and should have fired her daughter sooner.
Formal charges are expected later this week.


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