Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wang Family Values

(Heilongjiang Province, China)
A Chinese man met his own daughter-in-law on a blind date in a hotel bedroom after both of them lied about their real names and sent pictures of other people.

Worse than that, the woman's husband, who was the man's son, had suspected his wife of cheating and followed her to the hotel where he found the pair before attacking them.

Wang Jai, 31, watched his wife enter a hotel bedroom before she changed into a pink bathrobe and headed to another room at Heilongjiang province in northeast China.

When she rang the doorbell and his dad answered, the husband flipped out, beating up both of them before police broke up the fight after being called by hotel staff.

Wang Pai, 57, had lost his job two years ago and started chatting online to new people including a woman who he had developed a friendship with - unaware that it was his daughter-in-law and the mother of his grandchild.

She in turn was bored at home being a housewife.
It appears that the Wang marriage vows were somewhat flexible.

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