Thursday, October 03, 2013

Warmist Prof. in NYTimes: Failure of climate models vs. reality not important since we use them to predict the future

Reality does not seem to matter much to Leftists either.

If your models have no demonstrated predictive skill, relying on them is faith, not science.  Predictive skill is the first test of a model and a demonstration of no skill means back to the drawing board.

But Warmism is not science but a religion -- one in a centuries-old succession of apocalyptic religions (calamity predictions).  Check just William Miller and Charles Taze Russell for the 19th century but you can easily go all the way back to the tenth century for "end of the world" predictions.  And two of the earliest such predictions are to be found in Matthew Chap. 24 (note the urgency of verse 34) and Genesis chapters 6 & 7

Mankind is a religious creature and any system of thought that satisfies the religious craving will be powerful.  People have often died for their religion. Warmists just lie for it

There will certainly be a lot of obfuscation around the new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — the body charged by the United Nations to monitor information on climate change — and especially involving the results demonstrating a leveling-off of global temperature in the last 15 years.

But the complete candor and transparency of the panel’s findings should be recognized and applauded. This is science sticking with the facts. It does not mean that global warming is not a problem; indeed it is a really big problem.

Does the leveling-off of temperatures mean that the climate models used to track them are seriously flawed? Not really. It is important to remember that models are used so that we can understand where the Earth system is headed.


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

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