Monday, November 11, 2013

Chinese Chicken Acceptability

(New York)
Chicken from China has officials on alert, including U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.)

As WCBS 880’s Jim Smith reported Sunday, Schumer said first, the U.S. Department of Agriculture only allowed chickens that had been processed in China to be sold in the U.S. Now, he said the USDA plans to green-light poultry raised and slaughtered in China.

This has never happened before, and it is a bad idea, Schumer argued.

“China has a terrible record on health safety, and chickens are one of the things that need the most care and inspections,” he said.

Schumer called the plan a huge change in policy, and a big mistake.

“China has been a massive source of food poisoning here in America for years,” he said.
Responding to Sen. Schumer's comments, the USDA said it has not finalized its audit of the acceptability of Chinese chicken.

Note that a previous entry on this blog depicts some dicey attributes of one category of Chinese chicken which may be part of the basis for Sen. Schumer's outspokenness.

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Doom said...

Stuck. I can't agree with him, because of why he is doing it. He is a union man and an economic isolationist for that. I also can't disagree with him, because despite his lies of why he is against it, the face value of what he is offering is correct.

Then again, what I have been buying from the stores lately? Dubious. Are they already importing foul fowl from Mexico, without labeling as such? I aim for the medium price range, eschewing basement bargains and elitist "organics", but the brands, and quality lately, have been going south, perhaps in more ways than one. They aren't labeled as being from abroad. The chicken has simply been of poor quality, and seems to have been frozen for a very long time, so it goes bad very quickly if it is even good when bought has been an annoying question.

Don't know if you buy your own foods. If not, ask your wife. Then again, if you live in a high enough income bracket, you might not notice... yet.

The Big Jub Jub said...

Well Obo is our chief "chicken choker......

Wireless.Phil said...

We had a big pork producer sell out to China, so I no longer eat their products, which are under several different names.

Scratch the Chinese chicken too!

I tell people all the time, read the back of the label and make sure its not from China!

Canned pumpkin is now in our stores for you pumpkin pie too, check the labels!

And just because you bought a ready made pie, doesn't mean its not from China and is safe to eat!


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