Wednesday, November 13, 2013

EPA Bans Wood-Burning Stoves

Wood-burning stoves are under attack by the Environmental Protection Agency.
The EPA has banned the production and sale of the types of stoves used by about 80 percent of those with such stoves.

The regulations limit the amount of “airborne fine-particle matter” to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air. The current EPA regulations allow for 15 micrograms in the same amount of air space.

Most of the wood stoves currently nestled inside cabins and homes from coast-to-coast don’t meet the new environmental standard.
A schedule of fines for nonconformance is unavailable.

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Wireless.Phil said...

So what is next?
Are they going to go around and cap-off everyone's fireplace chimney because they burn wood logs?

Wireless.Phil said...

By the way, the web site you gave fails to load.

Not even the main page will load.

Doom said...

I knew about this story, or thereabouts, so didn't comment. But I double checked W.P.'s claim and it wouldn't load for me either. (No complaints, just letting you know.)


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